Bacall is inspired by American Art Deco from the late 1930s and classic cinema, featuring a sophisticated, eclectic style. We sought a vanity combining various materials, textures, and shapes, echoing the American spirit of that era. Expert carpentry skills allowed us to integrate interesting joint details, curved fronts, and oblique edges, accented by discreet brass touches. Made from solid wood with a colorless, eco-friendly varnish, the wood’s natural beauty is preserved. Drawers feature a pull opening with semi-concealed brass-colored handles. Customizable modular options and sizes from 63 to 183 cm adapt to various projects. Material options include Iroko, Maple, and Walnut.

NAXANI Banaavat

Banaavat is a striking and unique collection. Its name means texture in Hindi and is commonly applied to describe a sophisticated and distinguished appearance.

The Banaavat collection seeks the expressive power of material, it is an exaltation of the tactile properties of materials, developed by Naxani in collaboration with other local industries.

Its roughness and texture are very significant, even more than the visual properties. The material is very powerful in this product. However, the slightly angled stripes on their front allow the materials to reflect light in a chaotic and attractive way. This gives it a very pleasant visual appearance.


Batz is a collection inspired by sea waves, designed to mimic their hypnotic movement. Crafted from solid oak by skilled artisans, its wave-like front offers a dynamic look. The vanity unit comes in heights of 35.2 cm or 47 cm, with customizable widths from 80 to 150 cm. The push-opening drawers maintain its sleek design. Naxani, a luxury bathroom furniture maker, ensures high-quality craftsmanship with this contemporary vanity unit. It features American Oak with a colorless varnish, and options include one or two drawers, fitting seamlessly into modern bathrooms.



The Grid solid oak bathroom cabinet, designed by Naxani, features 2 spacious drawers for ample storage. It stands 50 cm high, 51 cm deep, and has a custom width of 83 to 149 cm, fitting various bathroom sizes. The design highlights square patterns on the drawer fronts, creating a 3D effect from the natural variations in American oak. This contemporary vanity unit combines functionality with unique aesthetics, maintaining Naxani's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship.


Roten is a tribute to late 19th-century Valencian traditions, artisans, and craftsmen known for their quality wooden furniture. Inspired by classic rocking chairs made from curved wood and rattan, Roten blends timeless design with contemporary functionality. This collection respects artisan traditions and is available in white lacquer satin, black satin, and solid wood. Suitable for modern bathroom environments, the furniture adds a distinctive touch of tradition and modernity. Roten's dimensions range from 800-1500 cm in width, 510 cm in depth, and 362 cm in height, with pull opening systems and configurations of one drawer or one to two doors.

NAXANI Simenta

Simenta, meaning “cement-covered floor” in Maltese, features simple shapes that evoke beach sand and traditional Mediterranean adobe. This Naxani collection emphasizes the tactile qualities of materials, offering a rough, textured surface that reflects light attractively. Combining industrial and artisanal processes, Simenta is a unique, handmade product. Customizable to fit various projects, the vanities are made from waterproof MDF with diverse grains, available in sizes from 60 to 240 cm, and feature a pull opening system with one drawer.